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Digital X-Rays in Morris, IL

With the advancements made in the dental industry in the last few years, one of the most significant advancements to practice management and patient satisfaction has been the implementation of Digital X-Rays. At Lombardi Dentistry, we are proud to offer the robust advantages of this technological advancement to our loyal patients.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Traditional X-Ray machines required bulky printing counterparts which often cluttered the units of dental practices. Because traditional X-Rays were printed on a special material, they required large and complicated storage systems and often contributed to the cluttering of an office’s patient record space. They also required specific in-unit viewing technology that often times made it difficult for dentists to make accurate diagnoses. In addition, some dental practices did not have the viewing lightbox in each unit, so Dentists would have to analyze and diagnose separately from the patient. Dentists used to be limited to:

  1. Waiting for the X-Rays to Develop
  2. Viewing X-Rays on a bulky lightbox
  3. Storing and labeling the X-Rays

With Digital X-Rays, a dentist can now receive the images directly to a computer or tablet in the unit and educate the patient in the chair. There is no bulky storage, it is stored directly. Lastly, in the event that a patient moves out of state, the records can be transferred to your new dentist in a matter of seconds.

We are proud to offer this latest advancement in dental technology, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff and schedule your next appointment.